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About Eubiq

EUBIQ Singapore headquarters

EUBIQ China operations headquarters

Eubiq was founded in 2000, the company's vision is to become the world's new generation of power supply rail system leader. Founder Yang Chun,chairman of the invention of the GSS power track system in 2000 and obtained a patent. This rail based, super flexible system has been internationally recognized worldwide since 2003.

Eubiq headquartered in Singapore, 2015 officially entered Chinese, the establishment of "Zhuhai Hengqin yogurt Industry Co. Ltd. is Eubiq (Yi Youbi) in Chinese only direct marketing company, is located in the beautiful city of Zhuhai sea. The company has a new generation of power supply rail scene hall, professional intelligent power rail enterprises as a research and development, production, sales and service as a whole, adhere to the "independent innovation, self development, own brand" the development idea, has maintained a healthy, stable and rapid growth in the strict management mode. "Power rail, safe way is the essence of enterprise quality, development so far, down-to-earth, marketing network in more than and 40 countries around the world, for many years in the field of professional power supply rail by HP, YAHOO, ABB...... World class companies recognized as their power supply rail system suppliers. At the same time, with the strength and strength of the accumulation over the years, Eubiq products have been awarded a number of global patents and industry awards, to consolidate their leadership position in the industry.
The company gradually to the world's outstanding business power rail manufacturers, suppliers, service providers to move forward, so as to achieve the creation of global brands, serving the public, the corporate philosophy.
Eubiq (Yi Youbi), subversion of the traditional power supply mode, redefine the electricity standard, dedicated to the global users to provide safe, smart and stylish "electricity solutions - service concept.
This flexibility is before the product has never been, this flexibility is a lifestyle change will completely change the smart space (residential, commercial and industrial zones) design, design of modern interior design and production system, Home Furnishing together the way
Shaping security: EUBIQ groundbreaking GSS power system, security protection beyond imagination, Eubiq has been in the global scope of patents, standards and certification, known as the most secure circuit system - safe use of electricity!
Intelligent Innovation: EUBIQ revolutionary power rail, with different adapters, easy to meet multiple needs - smart power!
Simple fashion: EUBIQ derived from the aesthetic design of Italy, become a decorative art of life embellishment, help create a visual effect - Fashion electricity!

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